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Hi everyone. When I started this blog, I had no idea that I would be having to write a blog right now, so I really had nothing prepared. To be completely honest, it was a momentarily spontaneous action, that has me stupefied. I’m not sure what I was thinking, apparently I wasn’t, but now that I started I might as well go with it right? I am not the kind of person that can think up a blog post in a matter of seconds on the spot. I need to have rough drafts and edits, and plan it out all carefully. Me and improve go back a long ways, and its not a pretty history. I figured I could make my first post an about me section. If someone is at all interested in what I have to say, then I imagine they would be interested in who I am too.

For basics, I am a mother of one, I am a loving wife, and a lover of animals. We have two dogs, one cat, and our family is growing. Were thinking about getting pigs and chickens and cows, horses, and maybe ostrich, some alligators would be nice… Ok the last two was a joke, but we want to get a property so that we don’t have to pay 10 dollars a gallon for milk. Another passion of mine is food. We eat traditionally, like the Amish. That is a subject for another time though.

I started my spiritual journey when I was really young. My sister, Cheri, is pagan, and as I grew up I was really close with her. She had a big influence on me. She taught me the basics of the religion and it all resonated very deep within me, even at a young age. I also have always wanted to be a counselor, so when I learned about Tarot, it was something that I was really curious about. My other sister told me that someone else had to buy me a Tarot deck first. So I decided I would wait.

Years passed before someone finally realized that I wanted a Tarot deck. My husband was the first person to give me one. I was so excited, but when I got it, I didn’t like it at all. The artwork was subpar, the connection was nonexistent, and the readings it gave were confusing to say the least. We decided to go and get one that I had my eye on for a while, the Deviant Moon deck. (This goes to show that if you are waiting for someone to gift you a deck, go and gift yourself one, it will mean so much more to you.)

Three years have passed, and I’ve been learning it off and on until about 6 months ago I picked up my deck and haven’t been able to put it down since. Its amazing fast you can learn if you really put your mind to it. Since then I have been like a Class A personality studying at Harvard. I signed up for a correspondence course through The Tarot School, and Im giving free readings through Biddy Tarot. If I am away from my deck for too long, I get the shakes. If there was an AA meeting for Tarot readers, my husband would be the first to sign me up.

Counseling people has been my lifelong dream. All I want to do is help people. That’s all I care about. Being a Tarot reader to me means that I can give people the guidance they need to get through life, and feel empowered while doing it, because they are doing it themselves. Its the most amazing feeling, and I love every second of it. I eventually want to go professional, and maybe even learn different ways to help people. Right now I’m thinking about energy work, like Reiki, but for now I am still learning Tarot, so that’s what I will focus on. This blog is the next step in my growth, I am excited and scared at the same time, but I know it will help me immensely, and I only hope that it will help whoever is reading this, as well.

Bright Blessings