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What I do with my readings is very different from the average reader. I don’t choose a spread, I don’t ask a question, and I don’t have a time limit. I intuitively place the cards where I feel like they need to go. The first card I pull is always surrounding your heart, and what is going on that you need to be faced with. The rest go where they need to go, and I intuitively stop pulling when I feel the message has been given. Sometimes there are only 3 cards, sometimes there are 10. It all depends on where you are in your life and the messages that come forth. A 3 card reading can have the same impact as 10, it just really all depends on the situation.

With this technique, I have complete faith in God, and it takes my ego out of it. All of the messages are coming straight from the source, which also means they can be quite powerful. All I ask is that you be open to the messages that come forth.

I have two options that you can choose from:

  1. Email reading $10 (This is very simplified, and to the point.)
  2. Detailed reading $20 (This is like any other reading. Its just more detailed than the email. I can do this in person, over the phone, or through skype)

Group Readings

If you have a group of people or a party, this is where I can come over and do readings for everyone there.

$10 per person if party is under 10 people

And then $5 per person for anyone over that.

(These prices can be negotiable)


Reiki is translated into Universal Life Force Energy, what I do is direct what I like to call Gods energy into your aura and it heals any blockages and helps align your chakras, and promotes healing on all levels.

I designed my business to work on matters of the soul. Reiki treatments are supposed to correspond with the readings that I give. A lot of the times in the reading some baggage comes up that needs to be dealt with, they grieve and open up to it, and then I heal them on a deeper level.

They don’t have to go together though, if you want a reiki treatment without the reading that is perfectly fine!

Currently I am taking lessons to be a Usui Reiki Master. I am not yet though! As of writing this I am level One and until I become a trained master I probably won’t change this, so it might be different if you contact me. So until I get to that point I consider all clients that want a reiki treatment to be practice and will not charge! Yes, all reiki treatments are FREE until I know completely what I am doing.

(yes you can do distant healing, that is level two, so I am either learning it, or have been attuned to level two by the time your reading this )

I understand that if you are in need of some spiritual guidance but can not afford it. I hope that you can understand that in order for you to really take in what the readings tell you, you need to place value on it. I accept barter, and I just ask that you talk to me and we can definitely work something out.

Lastly, the readings and the treatments that I do, don’t replace medical intervention. They work together. I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

One thought on “Book a Reading

  1. I would like to book a reading on the 31st of december, I would like it to be in person and I will bring my donation. My name is joyce my number is 208-293-2092 if possible I would like it to be in the afternoon, and could you give me a few examples of the type of question I may want to ask.thank you for your time.

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