Operation Underground Railroad (a fundraiser)

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Hi everyone!

During the entire month of December I’m doing a fundraiser for project underground railroad. It’s actually my motivation for launching my business. I’ve been procrastinating for so long and when Glenn Beck told us about this project I thought how amazing it would be if I could do a fundraiser to help. I really think we could make a difference here!

So what’s going on is that there is a sex trade here in the United States that is focused around children. Think of the movie Taken, except with 5 year old little boys and none of their daddies trying to save them. Yeah, it’s pretty horrific, I know, but it is actually happening. Our government knows where a lot of these children are, but because of treaties with other countries, they can’t go in and officially save them. Well there was an agent working for the program that just couldn’t take it anymore and decided that he was going to form his own group separate from the government, and try to save these kids. They’ve built an elite team of CIA agents, and Special Ops, and they plan on going in to save them without government aid. The only problem is funding. It is an ongoing thing, its not an accumulating type of funding like a kick starter program, every dollar will help.

This is something that just really cuts me in half. I can’t imagine these children being in that kind of position. Just something about little children being raped is so hard for me to handle. The stories that they have told are just so incredibly heartbreaking and I want to help in as many ways as I can. My husband and I have actually already donated quite a bit out of our pockets and I just don’t feel like it’s enough. This fundraiser really means the world to me, and it’s probably not the only time that I will be doing this. April is child abuse awareness month; you can expect that month to be a whole donation month as well.

I’m pouring my heart and soul into this, and every single dollar of the fundraiser will be going directly into donation. I won’t be profiting at all this month, it’s purely to help save those children. I’m seriously trying not to cry while I type this.

So here’s the deal:

$5 will get you a 1 HOUR reading.

This is a $25 value, its one heck of a deal. It is of course a donation though, so I encourage everyone to do what they can. I kept the price low and the offer high so that it would encourage more donations.

Please, if you are interested, I would appreciate your help immensely! You can either get a reading, or just let all of your people know what I’m trying to do. This offer ends December 31st of this year. I could even print out a gift certificate for a Christmas gift.

Here is the website for the cause https://www.operationundergroundrailroad.org/

If you are interested, shoot me a message! Thank you!

Bright Blessings!

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