The Importance of Spirituality and Food

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Being a tarot reader gives me multiple responsibilities. People come to me with their problems and I have to make sure to nurture them, and take care of them respectfully. I have the responsibility of being honest, but not hurtful. They need to walk away feeling satisfied and empowered, even if it was a negative reading, they still need to feel good about it. We have a huge responsibility to our clients. It is my personal belief that in order to be centered and spiritually healthy, we need to make sure that our physical bodies are healthy too. The mind, body, spirit connection. It’s all synergistic, and we need to take care of ourselves as a whole, so that we can take care of our clients to the best of our abilities. This includes the food that we eat.

Another one of my passions is food. There is a lot of information about staying “Healthy” Is it low-fat, or is it Paleo, or is it vegan? There are so many diets and articles out there describing what you need to do to stay healthy, and they all contradict each other. It’s confusing to say the least. When I look at that term, I like to think of how we are living now, and how if we were this full of disease from the start, the human culture wouldn’t have survived. Disease is growing in large numbers year after year. The rates keep doubling, and tripling, and we are not just in an epidemic of the more major diseases, even the smaller ones are taking over the general populous, like thyroid disease.

How did we manage to stay healthy up until this point in time? What were our ancestors doing that we don’t do? In the 20’s there was a dentist who asked these same questions and decided to find out. He went on a 10 year mission, out to discover cultures that were untouched by western civilization. What he found was that these cultures had almost no cavities, they were free of mental illness, and were extremely healthy. Of course there was some disease, the world is not perfect, but disease was very minor, and very uncommon in these civilizations.

The diets that they ate were primarily of protein. They prized organ meats over any other piece of the animal. They also put a lot of importance on sea food. They ate a lot of fat. In fact, they would throw the white meat away, or make it into jerky and cover it with fat. They made soup out of the bones, which is rich in gelatin, and helped cleanse their system and keep their joints strong. Bone broth is also very rich in minerals. They didn’t have a contraption to heat milk, they drank it raw. No pesticides, they ate organic. Grains are very hard to digest so they would soak, ferment them, sprout them. Weston Price tried to find a culture that was primarily plant based, and he couldn’t find one. All of the cultures that he studied that were near perfect health, relied on some form of meat. That’s not to say it can’t be done, its just what he found.

Weston Prices book doesn’t suggest how spiritual these people were, but if you look at African cultures, and Indian cultures, and Eskimo cultures, they all had various forms of spirituality.  They were very connected to the earth, and they practically worshiped it. Like in Avatar, where they say a prayer before they kill an animal, thanking God for the gift of nourishment, and thanking the animal for their sacrifice. These were beliefs that we used to have, and I think we could still have them.

When I do a reading, or even when I meditate, if I am not caught up on my nutrition it can be very hard for me. I am sure that there are different points that we can all agree on here to make sure that we stay up on our bodies, so that our spirit can be at its peak, and we can give the best readings possible. Here are some things that we can all do, even if you eat a plant based diet that can help you stay as healthy as possible.

Processed Foods

This one is a no brainer. Every time you go to McDonalds you are probably thinking “This isn’t good for me, but I’m going to eat it anyways..” There are so many horrible ingredients in processed foods, like High Fructose Corn Syrup. This ingredient is created out of heat and pressure, it is bleached and dyed, and its just absolutely horrible for you and a completely unnatural product. Even the preservatives in food, is just terrible for you.

I think if you are going to try to be healthy at all, you should stay away from these foods! I’m sorry to say but most of the low fat foods are processed. The cholesterol myth is based on the lipid hypothesis, and its been debunked scientifically many times. (I actually lost 20 pounds by increasing my intake of butter, and its not coming back!)

A little hint, look at the ingredients list before you purchase anything. If there is something that you don’t know what it is or can’t pronounce it, throw it back. You don’t need any of this stuff in your body if you want to stay on top of your game.


We all love caffeine. Even the people that don’t drink it, love it. But its so bad for you! There is a 600 page book that describes in detail how bad it is for you called the Caffeine Blues. More important though, it really gets in the way of your intuition. That third eye chakra closes. If you drink it everyday, then you probably don’t notice a difference. But even if I have something that’s decaffeinated, which still has a small amount of caffeine in it, there is a huge difference, and I can’t do a reading because I know it wouldn’t have been as good as it could have been.

If this is something that you drink everyday, I would really recommend cutting back. The quality of your reading is going to be so much more profound, and overall you will notice a really big change when it comes to your health.


If you are spiritual at all, then you are probably on the natural band wagon. GMOs are not natural! At all! They have changed the DNA of the seed to be insect repellent by itself.

The seed is designed to thin the walls of the stomach in the insect, so that it dies. Studies show that it does the same for pigs, and for cows, just in a slower manner. It also causes infertility in rats, also very large tumors.

If you want to stay healthy, and on balance for you readings, it would be wise to stay away from GMOs.

When I do my readings, there are a few food related items that I cant live without. They greatly increase my energy, and my awareness, and really help me not only stay focused throughout my readings, but help me with my intuition as well. Not all of these are vegetarian, and its incredibly hard to replicate the nutrition found within these supplements, I will do my best to try to point you in the right direction though.


Kombucha is basically fermented tea. It has a lot of probiotics, and healthy organisms to fill your body with good gut flora. It’s also a liver detoxifier, and gives you a boost of energy, along with many other amazing benefits. It has deep ancient roots, and is super good for you.

Kombucha is something that I can’t live without when I am doing a reading. I have to have it with me, especially if I am going to be doing multiple readings at a time. It really helps keep me focused, and keeps my energy up. Sometimes when doing a really powerful reading it can wear your energy down, kombucha helps pick you back up. Its vegan too, so it’s something we all can incorporate in our diets.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

In one of the cultures that Weston Price discovered, they would hunt down shark, take out their stomachs and liver naturally, and have increased nutritional value. Almost every culture that he studied, put seafood as their main priority. Pregnant woman would walk miles just to get some sea food in their diet, because it was important for the baby.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is full of vitamins A and D, and an equal balance of Omega 3s and 6s. Another thing that I can’t live without, this supplement literally saved my life. There is some more information in the sources. I highly recommend buying fermented cod liver oil, rather than the kind you would buy at the store because they are heat treated, and the heat kills vital nutrients.


Liver is full of folate, and Vitamin B12. Both are extremely valuable to our bodies. Although this food is so important for my health I can’t stand the taste. I chop it into little pieces and keep them frozen and take them like a pill.

I feel so alive when I take liver, I am happier, I am more focused, and I have tons of energy. Its like my coffee. I am completely addicted to it. Another thing it really helps with is the crash after doing so many readings a day. I take some in the morning, and feel full of energy all day long. If I ever start to lag, I just reach in my freezer and take some more, and I am back on track. No energy crash. Here is some info on how to make the pills, it also goes into a little detail about how great this food is for you.

I, in no way meant to offend anyone following a plant based diet. I like to look at health from my ancestors shoes. We have proof that our ancestors did not eat this way, and so I choose not too. I think that if you do it right, you can live a healthy life eating a plant based diet. I just know that when it comes to my spirituality, these are the items in my pantry (or freezer) that really work well for me. I don’t feel like eating meat needs to be cannibalized. I view it as a very sacred and spiritual bond with mother earth. I choose to eat meat that was humanely treated. A cow that I can go out to the pasture and I can pet and give her loves, just like I would any other animal.  Just the action of choosing this kind of lifestyle helps strengthen my spirituality, and then when I take the steps to nourish my body, it strengthens it even more.

We all have different views and opinions, and its important to do what works best for you. I am just sharing what works best for me, and if you were looking for anything to help, I hope that this provided you with some knowledge to at least start you on your journey to finding yourself.

Bright Blessings

I feel like since this is not a page about food directly that I need to be respectful of everyone reading and their beliefs. I did not mention soy in the list out of respect for people eating a plant based diet. There are many dangers to this food though, if you are interested in learning them, the website below will give you some basic information, and somewhere to start.

Soy –


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